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Common Purpose by Brian Gerrish 2007!

Here are some great BREXIT related videos:

WATCH: Ahead of tonight's vote, the onslaught continues in the Commons as the eloquent Jacob Rees-Mogg masterfully condemns Remain MPs who are seeking to frustrate Brexit for "rejecting our employers, our bosses, our liege lords – the British people."Hear, hear.

Posted by Leave.EU on Wednesday, 7 December 2016
Theresa May – Leaked Betrayal Conversation
Jacob Rees-Mogg saves Brexit from the 4th Reich

4 Responses so far.

  1. independence73 says:

    What a fantastic website. Well done Roger!

  2. NIGELFARAGE999 says:

    We urge the people, the true supporters of Democracy and all Brexiteers to act in-togetherness as a
    Team in the face of Parliamentary deceit and betrayal.

  3. NIGELFARAGE999 says:

    I am humbled by your kindness
    It is a large team effort
    I am the one goading all!

  4. Roger W-M. Ed. says:

    “Excellent facts and figures from Duncan Smith with a forward looking Vision for all Uk exports and the Uk post Brexit

    And alas;

    The usual dull backward looking generality from Cable in love with a future in an ever closer regulated and federal eu with his eyes on the past.

    It is a shame that Cable cannot add his abilities to assist Brexit and accept the Referendum. He should be creative and positive in a supporting patriotic way so that the Uk Government has his Parliamentary support in the future Brexit Trade negotiations, now so long overdue and not commenced.

    Ireland is not an issue until those Uk eu Trade negotiations make it one

    East West Trade for Ireland is 60% exports to Uk, 2% to North Ireland.

    And the 38% to other countries including the eu

    Ireland are creating their own political storm to wag the Uk dog when the relevant issues are not known until there is a Trade Discussion. As Duncan Smith says, they have not yet even commenced and are long overdue. “Ireland is putting the cart before the horse”

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