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Collapsing EU panics: BREXIT Britain Succeeds

For all our outrage over Trump, the West simply cannot take any more mass immigration


EU: Politicizing the Internet

Click for:  Free downloadable book by Caroline Quigley “ The Evolution of Civilizations”

Click for:  Living in a Madhouse by Robert Henderson


Click for:  British soldiers wear the flag of the European Union GB lot V1

Click for:  The New Battle of Britain

Click for:  Letter sent to the Telegraph 3 9 2018 Robert Henderson

Click for:  General intro 1 UK government approach if no deal. 24 8 2018

Click for:  trade 1 Classifying your goods in the UK Trade Tariff if there 24 8

Click for:  trade 2 Trading with the EU if there is no deal

Click for:  Trade 3 Exporting Controlled Goods if NO Deal 24 8 2018

Click for:  Trade 4 Remedies if there is no deal 24 8 2018

Click for:  Gov Home page

Click for:  Agriculture 1 Farm Payments if there is no deal. 24 8 2018

Click for:  Mali GERMAN Foreign Policy & EU German encouragement of Migration from Mali into EU 18 8 18

Click for:  IDS. Sorry,Project Fear , Britain will survive. 15 8 2018

Click for:  23 8 2018Suppressed report on EU meeting 5 7 18 that blew away [May 15 8 18] P Foster

Click for:  Rees Mogg lot re Chequers Deal. 

Click for:  Chequers Agreement lot 2 8 18 v1 response

Click for:  Bluffocracy 18 8 2018

Click for:  Redwood – Reply to a letter from the Prime Minister

Click for:  John Redwood Diary

Click for:  Pride – but not mother’s 4 8 2018

Click for:  Not only free speech is now at risk

Click for:  Ferries and Brexit 3 8 2018 Dr R North

Click for:  Past the point of no Return for Brexit 1 8 2018 Dr R North

Click for:  Mandleson cannot see the woods for the trees

Click for:  PorkGATE

Click for:  Oliver Letwin – Find a Way by DJ Nevett

Click for:  Islamification

Click for:  Contingency Plans – A Disaster in the making

Click for:  The Impact of the UK’s Withdrawal on EU Integration  09-07-2018

Click for:  Conservative in name only

Click for:  Treason and Treachery RH 21 7 2018 vf1


Click for:  Unworkable Brexit White Paper July 2018

Click for:  My deal is the only Brexit deal – DJN July 2018

Click for:  May’s Betrayal!

Click for:  The Future Relationship White Paper July 2018 FULL – Here is the impractical long Aspiration of Mrs May in her delusions as to what will be acceptable to the EU ( this will not as it breaches their fundamental rules of the Single Market, eg CONFORMITY,) and what will be acceptable to the UK electorate who wish to recover their Sovereignty. “

Click for:  BREXIT IS DEAD – BREITBART 9 July 2018

Click for:  BREXIT – Boris Johnson’s RESIGNATION 9 July 2018

Click for:  BREXIT -Leave.EU -Resignation spree boosts Rees

Click for:  What is the Truth about Freedom of Movement

Click for:  The View from the Coalface on Mrs May’s Brexit

Click for:  Dead or Alive – Rev P Mullen 1 7 2018

Click for:  This Madhouse World. 28 7 2018 f The Destruction of Free Speech and Good Justice.

Click for:  In the Spirit of 1776 – A Declaration of the British People

Click for:  Sadiq Khan heckled by Tommy Robinson supporters

Click for:  No Deal Is Not Just Better Than A Bad Deal – Blanchard

Click for:  1 of 2 – EIGHT PILLARS OF THE UK’S FUTURE – Theresa May

Click for:  2 of 2 – EIGHT PILLARS OF THE UK’S FUTURE – Theresa May

Click for:  BREXIT: Lost Souls

Click for:  The chequers Cabinet Conclusions by Martin Howe QC 772018

Click for:  The Vassal Stater 772018 Blanchard

Click for:  Chequers Summit Response – Leave Means Leave 6-7-18

Click for:  In seeking modern day solutions to modern day problems – DJN – 27-6-18

Click for:  The only way to escape a Brexit debacle now is to rip down all trade barriers

Click for:  Decalogue of Earthly Delights – Mullen 26 6 2018

Click for:  Goodbye the INTERNET 20 6 18 v1

Click for:  PM Stop & Search & incompetence

Click for:  Opposition to Brexit now enlarged v1 17 05 2018 2

Click for:  Planning for Independence ES vf 2013

Click for:  Coup d’Etat Spectator v1 Gwythian Prins 7 6 2018

Click for:  Shot Across the Bows of Tory Brexit 23 6 2018 R North

Click for:  Heading to the The Euro solution – The Bruges Group

Click for:  The Euro’s Battle for Survival 6 2018 – The Bruges Group

Click for:  FREEDOM v 4 7 6 18

Click for:  No Deal – Dignity Preferred

Click for:  The coming USE – Plot To Subvert Brexit Exposed

Click for:  Remember when Britain First leader Paul Golding was attacked by a Muslim gang in prison

Click for:  Lot Home Sec 13 6 18 TW

Click for:  BREXIT Anniversary Rally – 23rd June 2018

Click for:  Kent Police politically motivated too 14 6 18

Click for:  The UK is now like Germany 1932 RWM

Click for:  British Standards Institution AND Notified Bodies v2 3 6 18 2

Click for:  THE SNOWMAN 17 6 2018

Click for: The Met v1

Click for: Tommy is innocent!

Click for:  Ms May product of the past revised10 6 18 v2 NM

Click for:  THE CUSTOMS UNION solves nothing ed nm 9 6 18 heading.

Click for:  Free Tommy Rally

Click for:  Roger’s Freedom Speech

Politics Post Chequers

Click for:  Oliver Letwin – Find a Way by DJ Nevett

Click for:  Islamification

Treason & Traitors!!

‘Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession.  I have come to realise that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.’

Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America 1981 – 89

The UK disease of Moralitis and how to treat this social illness that is destroying UK Culture, Christianity and Freedom:


Click for:  EU has a democracy problem D Murray 31 5 2018

Reset Brexit Solution: EFTA/The Market Solution

Click for:  British Standards Institution AND Notified Bodies v2 3 6 18

Click for:  Introduction: EDITOR’S NOTE ON BACKGROUND AND EFTA MARKET SOLUTION vF 22 5 2018 copy

Click for:  1. CIB updated Brexit Reset Booklet.

Click for:  2. BREXIT RESET VF WORD NOTES 23 5 18 ED


Click for:

Click for:  5.  Brexit’s Operation Dynamo v2 ed

Click for:  6. Betrayal JPwm. vF Market Solution vs Transitional arrangement 23 2018

No DEAL / Crash Out!

Click for:  No Deal Is Not Just Better Than A Bad Deal – Blanchard


Click for:  BREXIT: Lost Souls

Click for:  IMPACT ASSESSMENTS OF BREXIT Dr R N v1 2018 copy

Click for:  What does no deal mean F part 1 28 5 2018

Click for:  What Examples of enhancers and areas for improvement to WTO trade v2 19 5 18

Click for:  Guy Verhofstadt 27 04 18 Tricks of a Federalist

Click for:  Walk away says the City May 2018

Click for:  Letter to the telegraph 5 18

Karl Popper

Click for:  Evil Be Thou My Good – Karl Popper 2 5 18

Click for:  60 Tory MP’s DT letters 3 5 18 PM

Click for:  House of Lords V2 1 5 2018 ed.

Click for:  House of lords. A Wall of Silence and the Remainers campaign vf

Click for:  Karl Popper on sovereignty

Brexit Commentaries:


Click for: North and the GOV Ignorance. v1 23 5 18

Click for:  Ensure that the UK LEAVES THE EU MAY 2018

Click for:  What does no deal mean ed v2 14 5 2018

Click for:  DEATH IN ATHENS 8 5 2018 v1 CIB

Click for:  BREXIT SUCCESS – Freenations RA 25 4 18

Brexit Preparations:

Click for:  IMPACT ASSESSMENTS OF BREXIT Dr R N v1 2018 copy

Click for:  What does no deal mean ed v2 14 5 2018

Click for:  Brexit Un-Ravelling by Richard North 3 5 2018 v2

Click for:  Notice to Stakeholders: Search the EU itself to see what they have planned for the future!

Click for:  Brexit_Reset web

Click for:  Dr R North Non Brexit day 30 3 2018 v1

Click for:  Armageddon on Hold

Click for:  Notice to stakeholders audio visual 19 3 2018

Click for:  EU Preparations for BREXIT. Notices to Stakeholders.

Click for:  Notice to stakeholders audio visual 19 3 2018

Freedom & Repression:

Click for:  Free Speech and UK Laws v1 22 5 18

Click for:  rh JbT case and The narrowing range of permitted opinion May 2018

Click for:  rh Hate Crime Guidance 2011 onwards posted 25 5 2108

Click for:  rh 25 5 2018 V1 Chabloz Arrest Advice Notes blogs addresses

Click for:  rh Freedom speech pts 1,2,3 & conclusion

Click for:  PERFIDIOUS ALBION Part 1 28 5 2018

Click for:  PERFIDIOUS ALBION Part 2 28 5 2018

Click for:  TYRANNY AND FREE SPEECH V1 27 5 2018

Click for:  TRUTH djn 29 5 2018 f2

Click for:  Dr Karl Popper and Pondering upon Toleration and Respect



Click for:  Greece ESCIB speech to Greeks in Syntagma Sqaure 13 5 2018

Click for:  Greece and our Brexit support for them 11 5 18 ES

Click for:  DEATH IN ATHENS 8 5 2018 v1 CIB

Click for:  Wot no GREECE?


Click for:  Transitional arrangements 3 2018

Click for:  Sonya Porter & Rodney Atkinson v3 A relevant blast from the past

Click for:  UKEEAEFTA bespoke stepping stone route

Click for: Letter from Lord Kilmuir to Edward Heath Dec1960


Click for:  migration flows to 31 12 2017 to the EU 16

Click for:  Irish Border will always require checks even in or out any Customs Union. 4 5 18

Click for:  German Foreign policy 3 5 18 and UK Defence.

Click for:  1914 – R Atkinson 14 4 18 v1 rebuttal needed

Click for:  Anthony Coughlan – Irish Border 13 April 2018

Click for:  Greek Paris demo 25 3 18 Ed vf press release. 14 4 18

Click for:  Irish Border – The Bigger Picture- Anthony Coughlan wrote on 13 April 2018 to the Ed copy

Click for: EU perspective & EFTA EEA. No Deal is NOT an option v2

Click for: Mr C Booker The blind lead the blind on the Irish Border.v1 24 3 22018

Click for: The Irish Border Dr R North 21 3 2018 eurefendum

Click for:  The Irish Border 4 3 2018 .F

Click for: Cutoms&Excise from Ruth Stainer 8 xi 17

Click for:  EU NI Briefing

Click for:  Canada X Border tech System & solutions 4 CONFORMITY 3rd country status

Click for:  G Gudgin re Irish issues and Brexit Dec 2017

Click for:  GGudgin Uneven Progress In The Brexit Progress Report G Gudgin Dec 2017


Click for:  E S of CIB. Britain and its Agricultural Policy – Origins Feb 2013

Click for:  Britain Agricultural Policy – PRIVATE EYE- E S of CIB – 4 2018

Click for:  Fishing betrayal post further March 2018 v1

Click for:  UNCLOS un convention on the law of the sea

Click for:  A Really Fishy Business 20 3 2018 v1

Click for:  FISHING for LEAVE 15 3 2018 vF

Click for: Fishing for leave Primary Points rev 7 3 2018

Click for: GOVE’S Cabinet Fishing Battle. 3.2018.


Click for:  WTO isues letter. 20 5 2018f

Click for:  Rolls Royce and Standards and essential CERTIFICATION v1 25 5 2108

Click for:  North and the GOV Ignorance. v1 23 5 18

Click for:  Proposal from DT. Andrew Lilico proposal 9 5 2018

Click for:  Rolls Royce decamp to EU as May fails to sign upto EFTA. v1 25 5 2018

Click for:  MOD plans after Brexit: Naval Ships must be subject to open international competition, meaning cheapness produces overruns and products not fit for purpose, with unemployment in UK shipyards.

Click for:  Ensure that the UK LEAVES THE EU MAY 2018

Click for:  Free Trade or NOT – ES. v1 3 2018

Click for:  Mrs May Powerless FTA 25 4 2018 V2

Click for:  Reprieve for Fisheries Protection but NO crew!

Click for:  A Really Fishy Business 20 3 2018 v1

Click for:  The Irish Border & EFTA only solution Dr R Northe 22 3 2108

Click for:  EU MARCH GUIDELINES European-council-Art.50-23-March-2018-Draft-Guidelines-1


Click for:  UK pushing companies towards EU deals that require long-term adherence to EU policy

Click for:  Betrayals of UK Military Sovereignty in competition with NATO – 2

Click for:  Betrayals of UK Military Sovereignty in competition with NATO – 1

Click for:  Falklands V3 11 5 2018 Hookem JP ed

Click for:  DEFENCE ISSUES 12 5 18 V1Concordanceout

Click for:  Defence Capability 12 5 2018 v2 by LIN & SB

Click for:  Latest on EU army by Simon Blanchard 3 5 2018v1

Click for:  EU Wants Control of Brexit Defences V1 sb 14 4 18

Click for:  EU Wants Control of Brexit DefencesV1 sb 14 4 18

Click for:  Great presentation on what’s really happening re the EuroPean Army and Russia!!

Click for:  GERMAN Foreign POLICY revised V3

Click for:  GERMAN EU and UK Military POLICY F rwm SB 21 3 2018

Click for: Veterans Group: Govt Plotting ‘Below the Radar’ Deal Keeping UK Military Tied to EU After Brexit

Law & Order:

Click for:  Stop and search – Murder Most Avoidable

Religion/Islamic Matters:

Click for:  Rape Gangs ed v2

Click for:  Denmark approves the Burka Ban

Click for:  Collapse of Christian Britain GLT 24 5 2018 v1

Click for:  Muslim Majority 30 4 18

Click for:  Muslims and Brussels v1 4 2018

Euro and Other EU Issues:

Click for:  Populist Challenges to the Euro by Jon Redwood


Click for:  Travel, the CAA and 2019 travel disaster to come. 29 4 2013 Roger North v1

Employment, Training & Education:

Click for:  Faith Schools v1 11 5 2018 Father M Uren.

Click for:  EDUCATION AND Educashun Ed note. 13 55 2018v1

Click for:  Educashun v1 12 5 18 Rev P Mullen

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