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The EU

It’s important we recognise what our opposition are up to!!

The BBC doesn’t fight fake news – it commissions it
How to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal

Spiked Online:  How BREXIT became mission impossible

The Impact of the UK’s Withdrawal on EU Integration

The EU are on the ball, way more than our government are re Brexit!  See the following report:

Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019


Donald Tusk (the President of the European Council) who tweeted out the reminder: ‘To all EU institutions: please respect the voters. We are there to serve them, not to lecture them.’ A comment that drew a swift retraction from Günther’s office, and admiration from connoisseurs of chutzpah from Athens to London.

A copy should go to all Remoaners and in particular, all elected officials who seek to thwart Brexit


Europe has a democracy problem

In Italy, the people went to the polls – and were deemed to have the ‘wrong’ answer.  Click here: Douglas Murray

Opposition to Brexit now enlarged v1 17 05 2018

Migration flows to 31 12 2017 to the EU 16

The Institutional Consequences of a ‘Hard Brexit’   The PDF is available in the DOWNLOAD section of our site.

The European Commission

If you want to see how the EU are preparing for life without us, click here and enter a keyword in the search box to find all their relevant information.

Simon Jenkins @ The Guardian:  At last, good news on Brexit: Britain is heading for Norway

Here’s our response – Simon Jenkins plus commentary 24 3 2018 v2

Spinelli Group –

Here’s a telling plaque that can be found on a wall in the EU parliament

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