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Here are just some of the interesting letters we’ve received/seen recently:

British Soldiers Lot Tobias Ellwood M

To The Editor Sunday Telegraph 2 9 2018 Edward Spalton

Letter sent to the Telegraph 3 9 2018 Robert Henderson

Letter from Stuart Guppy

Mullen lot DTletters 8 8 2018

Boris Johnson. Letter to the Editor 8 8 2018

Oliver Letwin-Find a Way by DJ Nevett

Stevie Gee …Remoaniacs and Trump 1 7 2018

A great book “And into the Fire” by Rodney Atkinson

Witness to History – Walter Hallstien

Transition Period – The Big Concern – Blanchard

4 options on the table – Roger Wright Morris

CRASH OUT by Jerry Wraith 6 July 2018

Christopher Hope 20 5 18

Corruption Exposed by Cartoons – 11 May 2018

CIB Good riddance to Remainer Rudd.30 4 2018

Silent Majority Email

EU Wants Control of Brexit Defences V1 sb 14 4 18

Anthony Coughlan – Irish Border 13 April 2018

Stop and search – Murder Most Avoidable

Greek Paris demo 25 3 18 Ed vf press release. 14 4 18

Irish Border – The Bigger Picture- Anthony Coughlan wrote on 13 April 2018 to the Ed copy

EU Wants Control of Brexit DefencesV1 sb 14 4 18

The real Four Freedoms v2 27 3 2018 djn

Dr RN v1 26 3 2018 Karlsson D Bannerman. 2

Letter Lord Kilmuir to PM Edward Heath 1 1960

Mr C Booker The blind lead the blind on the Irish Border.v1 24 3 22019

Nobo Industry and its trashing by Mrs May. march 2018 Nigel Moore.

Summary from the recent Bruges Meeting:  Brugues meeting 28 3 2018 notes by J Henderson.

A Letter from Theresa May: Dear Colleague – European Council 23.3.18

We did not make a mistake in voting to LEAVE the EU final v4.1 djn 26 March 2018

And now for some really GOOD NEWS – UKEEAEFTA bespoke stepping stone route

The blind leading the blind – Mr C Booker The blind lead the blind on the Irish Border.v1 24 3 22018

Brexit: Armageddon on hold – Armageddon on Hold

Simple Brexit – Telegraph 2 – Russell

May the Middle Manager – telegraph 1 – Maeer

Kit Kat Gate: A Summary – Kitkatgate SB vf 20 3 2018

UNDERSTANDING THE EU . Nigel Moore March 2018.v3

Irish thoughts re BREXIT 19 3 2018



NewAlliance March2018

Ludicrous to suggest


Dear Prime Minister 31 1 2018

Brexiteer from Dorset 29 1 18


Boyd of Reid Steel 25 10 17 A clean Brexit

4 Responses so far.

  1. A L Romilly says:

    Your correspondent Gary Taylor’s letter “Put national interest before party politics”
    Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:49
    adrianromilly (
    To:wmnletters + 3 more Details
    Dear Sir,
    I agree with your correspondent Mr Taylor (letters March 6th) that the national interest should be put first.
    This cannot, however, be done by remaining in the EU for it is the duty of those who govern the EU to do
    so in the overall interests of all its member states rather than in the interests of any one of them, in particular of
    Britain. Moreover, under the treaties governing our membership of the EU it is the duty of the British government,
    to govern Britain in the interests of the European community in all those areas in which the EU has competence; in the ever diminishing areas over which Britain still retains competence the British government is free to govern in the interests of
    Britain- unless of course committed otherwise by non- EU treaties such as the Geneva Convention on
    Asylum, the European Convention on Human Rights, NATO, and so on.
    Continued adherence to these and to the myriad of other treaties to which Britain subscribes should be reviewed after we have
    left the EU.
    Britain, is “treaty-bound”, like Gulliver in Lilliput, by the web of post-war treaties to which she has signed up by successive governments- we need to free ourselves not only from the European Union treaties but also from many of the treaty promises made by the Sovereign on the advice of yesterday’s old men.
    Yours faithfully,

    A L Romilly,

    4, Woodchurch,
    nr Yelverton,
    Devonshire PL20 7UX
    mbl 07557 795 905

  2. Roger W-M. Ed. says:

    Thanks AR.
    Alas if only each Government agreed with these wise words of yours:-
    “in the ever diminishing areas over which Britain still retains competence the British government is free to govern in the interests of Britain”

    The growth in immigration from outside the EU has continued undiminished since 2010.So much for the Conservatives! The PM destroyed the Border Force as Amber Rudd is now discovering, Will anything be done now?

    EU immigration has only perhaps reduced post June 2016. However even Merkel’s political ally Webber is now supporting immigration controls and fences….is the German worm turning?
    I wish our Government would so turn and reduce numbers so that UK infrastructure like NHS, schools, houses, roads et al could cope less badly..[Ed]

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  4. Adam Hiley says:

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