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The following are links to access really interesting leaflets, which all highlight the benefits of leaving the EU in full.

The worst horrors within hotel California: Professor Prins

THE BREXIT FACTS final rwm seb may2016

Concordance for Brexit Exit Facts-1 29-01-2018-1

FreeNation newsletter – The_Free_Nation_June_2018_015b4sundaybest_(1)

Vol 23 No 10 – 15th June 2018

BforB Newsletter June 3rd 2018 – Note a better version is available online via this link.

Brexit Reset v2.  This stunning booklet is a must read for all Brexiteers.

BforB Newsletter May 27th – Note a better version is available online via this link.

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 9 – 18th May 2018

Hard Brexit eu angle 30 p LOW.

Here’s just the executive summary of the above report – Hard Brexit Eu analysis of policy bugetry institutional effects 15 5 18 V1

CIB: Brexit Reset Booklet

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 8

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 7

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 6

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 4and5 – 15th December 2017

EuroFacts Vol 23 No 3

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 2

Eurofacts vol 23-1

Concordance for Brexit Mission 29-01-2018

John Longworth and Mills on meeting Barnier Jan 2018

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