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The following are links to access really interesting leaflets, which all highlight the benefits of leaving the EU in full.

THE BREXIT FACTS final rwm seb may2016

Concordance for Brexit Exit Facts-1 29-01-2018-1

FreeNation newsletter – The_Free_Nation_June_2018_015b4sundaybest_(1)

Vol 23 No 10 – 15th June 2018

BforB Newsletter June 3rd 2018 – Note a better version is available online via this link.

Brexit Reset v2.  This stunning booklet is a must read for all Brexiteers.

BforB Newsletter May 27th – Note a better version is available online via this link.

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 9 – 18th May 2018

Hard Brexit eu angle 30 p LOW.

Here’s just the executive summary of the above report – Hard Brexit Eu analysis of policy bugetry institutional effects 15 5 18 V1

CIB: Brexit Reset Booklet

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 8

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 7

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 6

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 4and5 – 15th December 2017

EuroFacts Vol 23 No 3

Eurofacts Vol 23 No 2

Eurofacts vol 23-1

Concordance for Brexit Mission 29-01-2018

John Longworth and Mills on meeting Barnier Jan 2018

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