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UKIP have a chance!!!!

Corbyn and his team are more communist than socialist. The Tories are more BRINO than BREXIT, more socialist than Labour, and tax us too much. Only UKIP has the mission for the future: 1)  Real BREXIT now 2)  Integrity with morality and support for Christian and UK Cultural social and traditional values 3)  FREEDOM of […]

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Is it just me??????

A friend of ours sent me the below: The more I listen and learn about the ignorance of all or possibly nearly all in Parliament AND the incompetence and ignorance in government as well as treason and treachery AND find no evidence of any Brexit building recruitment training or spending AND so no preparations from […]

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Should Theresa Dis-May RESIGN???

Would BREXIT benefit from a new Conservative PM??

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About Concordance

Concordance is dedicated to ensuring that the majority decision of the 17.4 million voters to leave the European Union, Customs Union and Single Market, will result in Great Britain leaving the EU in accordance with Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, as supported by the majority vote of our Members of Parliament, which passed into […]

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