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Brexit / WTO

No Deal / Brexit

Click for: Listen to Anand Menon on BBC Radio Scotland: how is this deal different from Theresa May’s deal? from 18 October 2019 in Podcasts.

Click for: The truth about Theresa May’s ‘flexible’ extension

Click for:  No Deal Is Not Just Better Than A Bad Deal – Blanchard


Click for:  BREXIT: Lost Souls

Click for:  IMPACT ASSESSMENTS OF BREXIT Dr R N v1 2018 copy

Click for:  What does no deal mean F part 1 28 5 2018

Click for:  What Examples of enhancers and areas for improvement to WTO trade v2 19 5 18

Click for:  Guy Verhofstadt 27 04 18 Tricks of a Federalist

Click for:  Walk away says the City May 2018

Click for:  Letter to the telegraph 5 18

Click for:  PorkGATE

Click for:  Oliver Letwin – Find a Way by DJ Nevett

Click for:  Islamification

Click for:  Contingency Plans – A Disaster in the making

Click for:  The Impact of the UK’s Withdrawal on EU Integration  09-07-2018

Click for:  Conservative in name only

Click for:  Treason and Treachery RH 21 7 2018 vf1


Click for:  Unworkable Brexit White Paper July 2018

Click for:  My deal is the only Brexit deal – DJN July 2018

Click for:  May’s Betrayal!

Click for:  The Future Relationship White Paper July 2018 FULL – Here is the impractical long Aspiration of Mrs May in her delusions as to what will be acceptable to the EU ( this will not as it breaches their fundamental rules of the Single Market, eg CONFORMITY,) and what will be acceptable to the UK electorate who wish to recover their Sovereignty. “

Click for:  BREXIT IS DEAD – BREITBART 9 July 2018

Click for:  BREXIT – Boris Johnson’s RESIGNATION 9 July 2018

Click for:  BREXIT -Leave.EU -Resignation spree boosts Rees

Click for:  What is the Truth about Freedom of Movement

Click for:  The View from the Coalface on Mrs May’s Brexit

Click for:  Dead or Alive – Rev P Mullen 1 7 2018

Click for:  This Madhouse World. 28 7 2018 f The Destruction of Free Speech and Good Justice.

Click for:  In the Spirit of 1776 – A Declaration of the British People

Click for:  Sadiq Khan heckled by Tommy Robinson supporters

Click for:  No Deal Is Not Just Better Than A Bad Deal – Blanchard

Click for:  1 of 2 – EIGHT PILLARS OF THE UK’S FUTURE – Theresa May

Click for:  2 of 2 – EIGHT PILLARS OF THE UK’S FUTURE – Theresa May

Click for:  BREXIT: Lost Souls

Click for:  The chequers Cabinet Conclusions by Martin Howe QC 772018

Click for:  The Vassal Stater 772018 Blanchard

Click for:  Chequers Summit Response – Leave Means Leave 6-7-18

Click for:  In seeking modern day solutions to modern day problems – DJN – 27-6-18

Click for:  The only way to escape a Brexit debacle now is to rip down all trade barriers

Click for:  Decalogue of Earthly Delights – Mullen 26 6 2018

Click for:  Goodbye the INTERNET 20 6 18 v1

Click for:  PM Stop & Search & incompetence

Click for:  Opposition to Brexit now enlarged v1 17 05 2018 2

Click for:  Planning for Independence ES vf 2013

Click for:  Coup d’Etat Spectator v1 Gwythian Prins 7 6 2018

Click for:  Shot Across the Bows of Tory Brexit 23 6 2018 R North

Click for:  Heading to the The Euro solution – The Bruges Group

Click for:  The Euro’s Battle for Survival 6 2018 – The Bruges Group

Click for:  FREEDOM v 4 7 6 18

Click for:  No Deal – Dignity Preferred

Click for:  The coming USE – Plot To Subvert Brexit Exposed

Click for:  Remember when Britain First leader Paul Golding was attacked by a Muslim gang in prison

Click for:  Lot Home Sec 13 6 18 TW

Click for:  BREXIT Anniversary Rally – 23rd June 2018

Click for:  Kent Police politically motivated too 14 6 18

Click for:  The UK is now like Germany 1932 RWM

Click for:  British Standards Institution AND Notified Bodies v2 3 6 18 2

Click for:  THE SNOWMAN 17 6 2018

Click for: The Met v1

Click for: Tommy is innocent!

Click for:  Ms May product of the past revised10 6 18 v2 NM

Click for:  THE CUSTOMS UNION solves nothing ed nm 9 6 18 heading.

Click for:  Free Tommy Rally

Click for:  Roger’s Freedom Speech

5 Responses so far.

  1. Kim Mathews says:

    I’m so pleased someone is trying to get all the different groups under one umbrella! It looks like it needs to be a BIG umbrella.
    It’s been so frustrating watching the news and various articles but seemingly having no voice.
    Well done guys ONWARDS, UPWARDS AND OUT!

  2. Roger W-M. Ed. says:

    Thank you Kim. It helps if all readers spread the word, send in useful facts and answers to technical issues in an amiable manner and articles or letters on specific subjects please.
    We like those and not Media drivel!! ……[sorry not amiable but then it is difficult so to be amiable with such opposition. nb Please send in details of all opposition…the list on the site will lengthen slowly!

  3. Adam Hiley says:

    the Brexit supporting groups must get & work together to make sure We get Britain completely out of the EU system and to stop the arrogant Remoaners dead in their tracks

  4. This is really helpful, thanks.

  5. Shane says:

    This is truly helpful, thanks.

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