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About Us

Concordance is dedicated to ensuring that the majority decision of the 17.4 million voters to leave the European Union, Customs Union and Single Market, will result in Great Britain leaving the EU in accordance with Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, as supported by the majority vote of our Members of Parliament, which passed into law on 16th March 2017.

  VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT Victory grows by concord   “Article 50 is a bit like The Bomb: best kept as an implicit threat.” – Mats Persson, former special advisor to David Cameron




Leave Voters understand that Leaving the EU means

  • Leaving the EU Customs Union
  • Leaving the EU Single Market
  • Restoration and control of our National Borders
  • Free to negotiate trade with the 160 + countries outside the EU member states

We are a cross party movement of respectful democratic voters who voted to Leave the EU, regain Control of our Parliamentary Law Making and Judicial Processes, recover control of our Borders, including Fishing and Immigration, restore the primary role of the Police to Law Enforcement, maintain control over the use of our Armed Forces, and maintain the ability to hire and fire those who are elected to run our country in all levels of Governance. The fight for that form of independence, the referendum, was won with a simple majority, the yardstick of democracy in the UK. In normal democratic votes for elected representatives (like elections based on a manifesto) those who lose, accept the will of the majority. There have never been constant calls to re-run elections is the history of the Country. Before now, there have never been calls to re-run referendums. The actions of the vocal Remainers must not lead to the referendum result being changed, modified or disguised in any future relationship with the European Union. We must beware George Soros, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and their undemocratic forces to re-shape the world as they wish it.   Click for:  CONCORDANCEOUT summary vF 15 4 18

Please send £5,10,20,50…it all goes on expenses as: –
We are a non political, patriotic, voluntary website for the amiable and those determined to live and learn with integrity.

2 Responses so far.

  1. louis says:

    Way cool! Some еxtremely valid points! I appreciate yoս
    pennіng this write-ᥙp plus the rest of tһe site is very ցood.

  2. editor says:

    Thanks Louis
    Please send in more factual informed comments on the Customs Union proposals or as you like on any topics.
    These CU proposals fail to deal with our shackles to EU single market rules….hence they are cretinous proposals and we need to revert to the EFTA Market Solution route before we are a vassal state.

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