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Is it just me??????

Is it just me??????

A friend of ours sent me the below:
The more I listen and learn about the ignorance of all or possibly nearly all in Parliament

the incompetence and ignorance in government as well as treason and treachery
find no evidence of any Brexit building recruitment training or spending
so no preparations from this huge Nelsonian club who see no problems reveals
ever more the need for UKIP and
the total incompetence of UKIP as an organisation (but there is no complaint about the troops and foot soldiers)
The absence of Dr R North type Brexit knowledge and competence (as partly also seen in many of the Brexit groups on our Concordanceout web site ) about the EU are also the other torpedoes in the sinking hull of UKIP …… and Brexit
Brexit has come full circle and now the UK must and can only re join EFTA as a stepping stone
Really sad !

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  1. editor Roger says:

    Please Click in Topic/Articles for this excellent BREXIT reasoning :
    Letter from Lord Kilmuir to Edward Heath Dec1960
    This clear expose of Treason By Heath [and therefore the Remainers today] is to be found at the bottom of the list of articles under SOVEREIGNTY in Topics/Articles.

    That critique by Lord Kilmuir in 1960 places the behaviour of the hypocritical Remainers in Parliament in 2016-2018 into the same treasonous category despite all their hollow protestations. They are all Federalist if anti UK Sovereignty.